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F1 Wide Web Flexo Printing Machine
  • Application object: beer carton, drinks carton, food carton, milk carton, packaging paper and bag
  • Paper used: light-weight coated paper, duplex board, coated paper, cardboard, non-woven fabric, kraft paper, paper-plastic composite material.
  • Main characteristics: With instinctive and easy function for operator and max speed 150m/min, this flexo printing machine can reach both sides printing, varnish, sheet cut and rewind architective functions. This printing machine is quite suitable for mass production by virtue of its quick changeover, simple pressure adjustment, high printing precision and perfect register.
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    1. High-efficiency:
    秒速快三Realizing dust removal, printing, varnishing in a single pass, producing high efficiency compared with single-sheet printing.

    2. Eco-friendly printing:
    Using water-based ink or UV ink for printing is eco-friendly. Printing inks are UV ink, water-based ink and solvent ink.

    3. Stable ink coloring:
    秒速快三Ceramic anilox roller guarantees no color difference with even ink transfer.

    4. Stable tension:
    Use of three-section tension control system guarantees stable printing tension and accurate registering.

    5. Non-stop web unwinding and rewinding (optional function):
    Printing materials can be changed during high-speed printing without power off, which improves production efficiency and reduces product costs.

  • "10" in "Specification" stands for "F1 Series "

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